Press Release: Pyrography Pen Splitter

Pyrography Accessory Delivers Two Pen Flexibility at the Flick of a Switch

Thousands of woodburning enthusiasts will now be able to use two pens simultaneously following the launch of the Pyrography Pen Splitter for the hugely popular Peter Child Pyrography kit.

The unit means users won’t need to unplug and wait for tips to cool before changing nibs when they want to use a new shape or size tip.

Designed to enable pyrographers to easily and safely switch between pens the pen splitter allows users to maintain work at high levels of efficiency using the ultra-high responsiveness of the parent machine’s temperature control. Simply flick the switch to turn each pen on or off and the response is instantaneous.

The Pyrography Pen Splitter has the additional benefit of allowing a second person to use another pen at the same time without compromising the ability to deliver excellent quality finished pieces. Ideal for a parent and child or those wishing to pass on the skill to a friend.

Built to the same exacting standards as the Peter Child machine the pen splitter features two cradles to hold pens in place safely when not in use.

Professionally pyrographer, Lisa Shackleton described the pen splitter as a wonderful addition to the Peter Child machine saying: “I love the new pen splitter it’s neat and compact and something you can take anywhere. The real bonus of course is I can keep two pens hot and ready to use so I don’t have to switch my tips as often (this is a big time saving bonus for me). I like this.”

Manufactured in Sheffield, England by Robert Sorby and built with the same sturdy attention to detail as the Peter Child Pyrography Machine, the splitter is the result of high demand for two pen operability among pyrographers.

David Green, Craft Supplies manager said: “This is a great convenience tool for those serious about their pyrography. And judging by the popularity of the Peter Chid machine that’s a lot of pyrographers. The splitter also allows two users to work at the same time with a minimum of power loss which is great for those wanting to work with a friend.”

The splitter will be distributed in the UK and Europe by wholesaler Craft Supplies and is supplied with a pen. For those that already own two pens the splitter is also available as an individual unit. Both units come with a range of tips and a coil of SWG wire so users can make their own nibs.

Pen Splitter and Pen: £55.99 INC VAT
Pen Splitter: £32.99 INC VAT

Posted by Robert Walton