We proudly distribute a variety of brands across the country and further afield.


For over 25 years, Teknatool®, under the NOVA brand, continues to be the leading brand of woodturning machinery, lathes, chucks and accessories worldwide.

Teknatool® International has been a global manufacturing exporter since 1980 with facilities in New Zealand, China and the US. A family owned and operated company in New Zealand, they're passionate about the development of emerging technology and ‘Next Generation’ export ideas.

Craft Supplies is the approved distributor for NOVA products within the UK & Ireland. 

Peter Child

The first Peter Child Pyrography machine was released over 40 years ago and the machine remains a popular choice with crafters worldwide. Now manufactured in Sheffield by Robert Sorby Ltd, The Peter Child Artist's Pyrography Machine is powerful enough to create dense textures and patterns. Its slim, light and comfortable to use pen design also delivers the perfect balance for the finest detail work - making it an ideal choice for the novice too.

Some units out there have been working hard continuously for twenty years or more, which is ideal for professional pyrographers who depend on this tool to make an income.

Craft Supplies is the worldwide distributor of Peter Child products. Excludes USA & Canada - All enquiries for these areas should be sent directly to Robert Sorby Ltd.

AZ Carbide

As the official worldwide distributor, Craft Supplies is proud to support husband and wife team, Ron and Lana, who formed AZ Carbide, to support the woodturning community with quality, affordable carbide cutters and tools.

Carbide cutters can leave a better surface finish on your work as they are more resistant to wear and hold a sharp edge longer than steel turning tools, allowing you more time to turn and reducing the time spent sharpening.

Craft Supplies is the worldwide distributor for AZ Carbide. Excludes USA & Canada - All North America enquiries should be sent directly to AZ Carbide.


Get that rewarding feeling of constructing something with your own hands! UGears models are unique wooden eco-friendly mechanical construction kits made in Europe from sustainable sourced wood. These kits are laser cut with precision and are ready for self-assembly without any special tools, glue and chemicals. UGears models are fun for grown-ups and kids of all ages and is a fantastic introduction into the cool world of mechanics.

Craft Supplies is an approved distributor for UGears products in the UK & Ireland.


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