AZ Carbide Online Event: 7th November 2020

AZ Carbide presents an online demonstration with Chris Parker and Jeff Hornung: The Two Bald Woodturners.

AZ Carbide, along with Campbell's Hands on Retreat and Craft Supplies UK, presents Chris Parker and Jeff Hornung: The Two Bald Woodturners. Chris will be presenting from Leyland, Lancashire UK and Jeff will be live from St Louis MO, USA.

Chris will be demonstrating how he creates fluted verdigris forms. Chris will be sharing techniques, details of the tools and other mediums used.

Jeff will cover the steps needed to create a classic African Calabash style round bottom bowl. This shape is intended to resemble the Calabash Gourd from which it’s named. Many believe the Calabash gourd was dried and used as humanity’s very first reusable vessel. An excellent project for green wood, allowing the piece to warp as it dries lends even more to the illusion of being gourd like. Wood selection and chucking options are discussed, as well as techniques to create the proper undercut shape inside. 

These two demonstrations are not to be missed! 

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The online event is scheduled for Saturday 7th November at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) and is limited to 100 guests. Cost of this event is $10.00 for two spectacular demonstrations. 

AZ Carbide will be offering a special 20% discount on all cutters during the event. Please note, this discount does not apply to Craft Supplies Stockists.

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