Pyrography Safety Precautions

We always recommend that you read the safety precautions before you try pyrography for the first time.

The pyrography points get very hot and can start a fire if mis-used. Do not use the pyrography machine near highly inflammable materials or liquids and polishes which produce inflammable vapours. NEVER let the hot point touch the mains cable as it could quickly burn through the insulation. Keep all cables clear of the work area. Do not lay the pen down - get into the habit of storing it in the clip on the power unit. Keep the hot point clear of your skin and clothing.

Take adequate precautions to avoid breathing fumes and smoke. A small desk fan is the minimum requirement. Ensure adequate room ventilation. If you suffer from any respiratory complaint take specialist advice. Fans with carbon filters are available. Do not breath in fumes from burning plastic or synthetic materials. Avoid using wood which has been coated with a synthetic polish or varnish. Burning some fabrics, leather or cork may produce harmful fumes so take suitable precautions.

Always ensure children and people with learning difficulties are correctly supervised when the machine is in operation. Machine cables must be kept clear of the working area at all times and the ventilation slots free from obstruction.

Do not leave the machine switched on unattended. Protect the unit from damp and rain. Do not use if wet.

Do not let the pencil terminals touch together, short out against a metal object, or touch the case of the control unit. The control unit will be damaged if subjected to prolonged short circuits.

Do not open the case of the control unit without first disconnecting the machine from the Mains. Live terminals are exposed inside. Do not attempt to service the control unit without specialist knowledge.

Do not use the control unit to power any other appliance. The pen will not work from 12 volts or from any other transformer. Do not use the pyrography machine for any other purpose than pyrography.

If there is anything that you're uncertain of, please feel free to contact your nearest stockist or contact us direct for help and information.