Changing Points on a Peter Child Pyrography Machine

You may want to switch points from time to time to achieve different textures when doing pyrography work. Here's a simple guide that explains how to change the points on your pen.

To change a wire point, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch off and allow to cool for a short while.
  2. Loosen the terminal screws taking care not to bend the terminal support struts.
  3. Remove the old point and replace with the new point or alternatively replace with a short loop of wire.
  4. The wire must be clamped between the terminal strut and the nut, not under the screw head.
  5. Tighten the terminal screws taking great care not to bend the terminal support struts.
  6. Squeeze the point into shape with pliers if needed.

You can buy a spare pen to hold a different point and plug it into a pen splitter when needed, rather than having to continually change points on the pen.

Bad connections

If the legs of the points are not clamped securely the point may refuse to heat up. Sparks, buzzing noises or one leg appearing to be hotter than the other are signs that the terminals need cleaning. Take the pen terminals fully apart and clean off any tarry deposit to cure bad contacts. Caustic oven cleaner is ideal for this and will not attack the stainless steel. (It will attack your fingers and your clothes!) Keep oven cleaner away from any other component.

Avoid twisting and bending the flex at the end of the pencil or the strands of wire inside the insulation will eventually break. Do not wind the flex around the handle before storing the pen.

Q.What type of points are available?

There are currently several different types of points available for the Peter Child Pyrography Machine.

There also Mixed Packs of Knife Points and Ball Points available.

Nichrome wire is also available for you to experiment and make your own points.

Q.Can I make my own points?

You can make your own points using a special wire called Nichrome. Use only Nichrome wire or you will damage your machine.

Fuse wire, paperclips or any wire other than the special nichrome wire we supply must never be used or the power unit will burn out. We will charge for repairs to units damaged by overload.

Click here to read how to create your own points.

Q.How do the points work?

The nichrome point heats up when electric current is passed through it. More heat is produced if the wire is thinner so thinning the tip is good and can be done by filing, hammering, or
grinding. Thin down at the end only. Keep the “legs” thick to retain stiffness. Bending or hammering the points is easier when mounted in the pen and switched on because the metal is softer and more workable when red hot.

Q.The point won't heat up. Have I done something wrong?

If the point won't heat up, there may be an issue with your pen.

To check this, firstly, ensure power to the pyrography machine is off so there's no risk in burning yourself. The point should sit between the terminal strut and the nut, not under the screw head. Check that the screws are not touching in the middle. If they are, try pulling them apart before switching the machine back on. 

If you continue to experience heating issues, please get in touch.